Private Lessons


Individual Lesson

Price: £35 (May to Oct) | £40 (Nov – Apr)

Book: Call 01560 322 320

If you would rather learn on your own and maximise your lesson time, we offer hour long private lessons for £35. Our qualified instructors will tailor the lesson to your needs, getting you ready for the snow.


2 Person Lesson

Price: £45 per hour

Book: Call 01560 322 320

Have a lesson at any time with whoever you choose - as long as you're both at the same level - for just £5 more than an individual private lesson.

Add anyone on to your lesson, as long as they're roughly the same level, for just £10 extra.


Family Lesson

Price: £60 per hour

Book: Call 01560 322 320

Looking for something for the whole family to enjoy together? Try our family lesson for up to four people. It's only £60 for an hours tuition from our friendly staff. Don't worry if you have a bigger family, it's only £10 more to add on extra person. If you want to make a day of it, you can also add tubing for only £24 more.


Please note: Prior to participating in any activity, you will be required to fill out a disclaimer form. You can do this online before you arrive.

Online disclaimer form